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Monday, October 6, 2008

The Best Fishing In Canada

Fishing trips to Canada are becoming more and more popular as a family vacation. Except for the fish, Canada fishing trips can offer great opportunities to spend your time near the water, such as beachcombing or whale watching. The excellent hotel amenities can ensure your good time there. You can have breakfast near the lakes or go hiking, or visit some museums as well.

The town of Sookie is perfect for this aim, and its nearness to Victoria can offer you many more exciting things to do. Or you may as well visit Vancouver Island and experience all the delights of fishing that it has to give you. Another perfect destination for fish lovers could be the town of Port Renfrew. Canada fishing trips include all kinds of adventurous things to do, but most people still consider fishing the best way to spend the day. Here is a list of all the wonderful places that have suitable conditions for fishing.

Ontario Fishing Lake. If you dream of going on a Canada fishing trip and spending your time in oodles of fish, the Lake of Ontario can make your dreams come true. The Closs Lake bounds in Muskie and Smallmouth Bass. The Bass caught there are of extreme size: up to and over 5 pounds. The record states that 2 people in 5 hours have caught over 50 Bass, their body length varying between 16 and 20 inches. Muskie is also plentiful, a sum of 13 was boated once on a daily trip. Their size is between 25 and 30 pounds. Land portage is easy.

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