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Friday, October 10, 2008

The Fisherman In Canada

With 70,000 bodies of fresh water, Canada is a great destination for vacationing anglers—whether you’re after a trophy fish, or you just want to catch and release bass. Lake Ontario and Canada’s British Columbia are top locations for Canadian salmon fishing.

But if trout or walleye is more what you’re after, don’t worry—Ontario’s got great fishing for you, too! Truly a fishing destination, Ontario offers the world’s largest number of lakeside resorts with fishing facilities and services. Are you interested in bass? Ontario has fishing destinations to lure you.

Lakes around Ontario offer some of the feistiest smallmouth bass around, providing just about any fisherman with plenty of action. Several lakes offer largemouth bass populations as well. Ontario also offers a tremendous variety of trout, whether in cold clear lakes that only cover a few acres, to some of the continent’s largest inland seas. And Ontario brags of some of the best walleye fishing in the world, including the World Record catch. So pack up your waders, your rods and reels—and don’t worry, you’ll find all the lures you need once you get there.
By Sarah Freeland Platinum Quality Author

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