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Friday, October 10, 2008

Fishing Activities

There are many sports and recreation activities that can be done in Saskatchewan Canada. Amongst them are skiing, camping, swimming, hunting and of course fishing! Fishing in Saskatchewan can such be a thrill, and once you've experienced it, you will never be the same.

There are many hot locations when it comes to fishing in Saskatchewan. To name a few, there is the Emma Lake Recreation, Candle Lake Provincial Park, Elbow, Duck Mountain Provincial Park, Cochin, and a whole lot more! Once you have decided where to go fishing, you must brace yourself for the adventures that await you!

You can choose to go fishing in the southern or northern zones of Canada. The Southern Zone covers the plain part of the province which has become the major residential area of the vast Saskatchewan population. Travelers have been telling that less than one third of the region is cultivated farmland; they have described Saskatchewan as arid, flat and treeless. .05%of the province is forest while13% is fresh water. This is one such proof that the province is ideal for water fun activities and recreation, specifically, fishing!
By Miodrag Trajkovic

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